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Shoot'n The Bull Podcast hosted by Josh Keller and Ty Stubblefield is a whole lot of bull shoot'n, fact finding and down right entertaining. We aim to please and please to aim and most of all strive to entertain! We talk about elk, deer, waterfowl and just about every other type and method of hunting that takes place on the north american continent.
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Jan 2, 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We're back with a brand new intention! 

This episode is the first in a series about the spreading epidemic in deer called Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). Listen to local Montana expert Brent Race, veterinarian for the Rocky Mountain Laboratories, (RML) infectious disease study center out of Hamilton Montana. Also joining us is good friend Tyson Woods, micro biologists who also works for RML.

We go ask the obvious questions like how does it effect deer? Is it transmitted to humans? Can you tell if a deer has it in the field? How is it spread? and many many more.

Please join us as we start the new year off right by bringing you more of what you've asked for, entertaining and educational podcasts brought to you by Shoot'n The Bull Podcast.

Learn more about CWD in Montana by clicking here! 


Jun 29, 2017

In this episode we sit down with Zach Waterman from Nosler at the Beer Bands and Public Lands event in Bend Oregon and pick his brain in all things shooting related.  Zach has many years of experience working with Nosler building premium ammunition and firearms.  With all of our sheep hunt planning for this season we decide to ask Zach for help and advice in choosing the best rifle caliber for our hunt.  Zach shines some light on the building blocks and foundation of long range shooting.  With all of his knowledge we've got some great direction in choosing the optimum rifle for our hunt.  Give it a listen, give us a review, share the episode and most of all thank you for listening!  Keep it Public!        

Jun 16, 2017

At ATA we got the opportunity to sit down with Cabe and Josh Johnson of Spot Hogg Archery.  Brothers Cabe and Josh are great friends of ours and have been for many years!  These two very competitive siblings with an extremely twisted sense of humor give us an insiders story of their youth and all of its epic hillarouseness of two brothers who love & fight like brothers. There is no other way to describe this podcast other than hilarious and epically entertaining. Listen, laugh and just know that you are listening at your own discretion. This is of adult content and conducted at the end of a long event over a few whiskeys. Please enjoy this as much as we did!! Give it a listen, give us a review, share the episode and most of all thank you for listening!  Keep it Public!    

Jun 3, 2017

Do you enjoy quality coffee?  Well you can finally enjoy it on those brisk mornings in the backcountry!  Tony at Darktimber Coffee Co has come up with a system to brew fresh coffee in backpacking type stoves.  Listen as Tony breaks down the design and versatility of the Ascent Packs.  As we sit upon the mountain podcasting, Tony whipped up a couple Ascent Packs to show just how easy and effortless they are to prepare.  Nothing could top our gorgeous view and killer brew during this podcast!  Tony's drive to get involved with and give back to conservation inspired him to give back 10% of all individual sales to the Conservation organization of your choice.  Just simply choose one of the three organizations listed at checkout Backcountry Hunters and Anglers , Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership , and Wild Steelhead Coalition .  Ty and Tony also talk about the new BHA Hike to Hunt program and how you can start one in you region.     Give it a listen, give us a review, share the episode and most of all thank you for listening.  Keep It Public !

May 10, 2017

Listen in as Ty and Josh take time to break down their plans for the 2017 hunting season in Montana.  As they apply for their hunts reality sinks in when they put in for the unlimited sheep hunt.  With a guaranteed draw its time to prepare!  As always the next great elk hunting adventure is on its way with the successful drawing of a controlled elk permit.  And if things couldn't get any hotter they were also successful in their controlled deer permit.  Its shaping up to be a very busy season!  Summer is coming full steam ahead and Ty and Josh share some of their 3d shoot plans with the Total Archery Challenge and the Northwest Mountain Challenge.  With all of these crazy plans they manage to de-rail on the never ending buffalo/public lands issues.  Give it a listen, give us a review, share the episode and most of all thank you for listening.  Keep it Public!

Apr 25, 2017

Damon Bungard, Co-Founder of Orion Coolers, product manager for Jackson Kayak and Host of Orion Chronicles on the Sportsmen's Channel. Don't let his grey beard, mellow persona and wool fedora fool you, Damon borders on the insane side of kayaking. A public land advocate through his show Orion and Jackson and his support of conservation groups like Backcountry Hunters & Anglers. We talk about the coolers the boats and our desire to do some Montana float trips and how Damon's experience could help us with a smooth hunt, maybe? Most likely we'll find a way to screw something up. Sit back and enjoy the show and if you get a chance reach out to Damon and tell him thanks for his efforts in conservation and putting out a sportsmen friendly product line. 

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Apr 20, 2017

Ryan Callaghan, best known for his mustache is also a veteran hunter who see's more success in the field than he does on the dating scene. Conservation & public relations director for First Lite, Ryan has been a conservation warrior for many years. Ryan shares his Montana elk hunt where he and his hunting partner packed some heavy loads of the glorious protein to top off an already full freezer. We also got to hear about a Montana deer hunt where they did not.

Cal, as we affectionately call him, also shares with us his B.C. Moose hunt from last year with Arron Snyder, if you listen closely you can hear the circus music playing in the background. A few stories Josh and Ty can relate to all to well. Hunts rarely go exactly as planned and in most cases they are far from comfortable. As they say in B.C. - its a Shmozzle and we love it!

If you're not already, follow Cal on Instagram @olcal406 or @firstlitehunting and be sure to thank him for his support for our public lands and waters conservation.

Apr 15, 2017

Josh and Ty get down to the nitty gritty with Remi Warren, Nate Simmons & Chris Denham. They talk about public land hunting, fitness and love. Learn a little about Western Hunter and public land hunting, Wilderness Athlete and the humble beginnings and the love life of a hunter who spends 200+ days a year hunting everything under the sun. Also learn why supplements are handy even if you don't work out on a daily basis. Get to know these guys from a more personal point of view. 

We hope you enjoy the show!

Apr 1, 2017

Ryan and Kenton Clairmont educate Ty and Josh on the simplicity of staying fit and healthy and why we should all to our best to keep healthy and in shape. Wrestlers, elk hunters, fitness buffs and brothers who have always been best friends and competitors their whole lives. The crew breaks down the reasoning behind investing  in your health and well being and why they started Train to Hunt and their plans to sheep hunt in Alaska this year. Enjoy the show and if you haven't already, take a look at the Train to Hunt website and see how they can help you change your life and your hunting game.


Mar 27, 2017

Josh and Ty sit down with Braxton McCoy at the Western Hunt Expo and learn about his amazing story of nearly losing his legs from a suicide bomber in Ramadi, Iraq.  Braxton is an active BHA chapter member and his love and passion for the outdoors fuels his fire to fight for our public lands.  As a retired Army combat veteran he authored a book about the suicide bombing and the journey that motivated him to write and publish the book, Overcome Part 1.  As with most of Ty and Josh's podcasts the conversation leads to elk hunting.  Braxton spends lots of time in the backcountry working, guiding and hunting elk.  Give it a listen, give us a review, share the episode and most of all thank you for listening. 

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Braxton McCoy

Mar 20, 2017

Josh and Ty had a blast sitting (or laying) down with Donnie, Corey and Dirk in their hotel room partaking in a late night conversation on the complicated relationship of the Elk 101 crew. They each took turns driving the bus and running each other over. We were looking for some light hearted, fun loving stories with the guys but what we found was much deeper than that. Turns out Josh and Ty will have to schedule several more therapy sessions with the guys to help them work out their issues. Enjoy the show and please leave us comments and a rating any chance you get. And if you're not already following the Elk101 crew you can do so on social media and through their website.

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Mar 15, 2017

Enjoy another short story from one of the toughest men that ever lived - Tyler Crockett of Pure Elevations and the Northwest Mountain Challenge. Tyler takes us down memory lane once again as we talk about roadside deer salvage and a brush with the law who know's Tyler by first name. Great times and lots of laughs with Tyler, Ty and Josh at the Western Hunt Expo.

Please leave us your comments and a rating when you're done listening, we REALLY appreciate it! And you never know, maybe there'll be some prizes to win if you do.


Feb 24, 2017

Join us for a reunion with our dear friend Kristy Titus.  We catch up at the Western Hunt Expo in Salt Lake City.  Kristy is launching her signature series elk calls with Rocky Mountain Game Calls.  With Ty and Josh struggling to stay on the wagon Kristy sheds some light on nutrition and the new Wilderness Athlete Cookbook.  Give it a listen, give us a review, share the episode and most of all thank you for listening!

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Feb 16, 2017

Oh what a feeling, the light weight & smooth lines of a handcrafted trad bow that is! Join us for an entertaining conversation with Chester Floyed, owner of R E R Bows out of Bozeman Montana on how he got started and what drives his and our love for the exotic woods of the trade. We also converse with Ben Gutormson on his 2017 successes with one of Chester's hand crafted beauties. This is a lighthearted and educational episode where we consumed 4 bottles of whine...... Don't ask us why - we have no idea. Not even sure how it happened. We can say the bottle had a skull on it so that makes it a lot less (wiggling pinky)

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Feb 6, 2017

We sat down with Kristy Titus and talked about our elk/whitetail hunting escapades in Montana. Humble, funny and determined sum up Kristy's personality and her ability to push on even when Josh and I are no help at all. Don't be misled by the pretty face and bubbly personality, this lady is a die hard hunter who can saddle up the pack string, call in a bull, kill it, break it down and pack it out all by herself. We delve into our late Montana elk and deer hunt and our brief lesson in whitetail tactics. Give it a listen, give us a review, share the episode and most of thanks for listening!

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Jan 26, 2017

Ty, Josh and Tim Endsley break down the ATA show, free beer, free hats, whitetail deer hunting in the midwest and what public land hunting mean to everyone in the US. Tim is a retired rodeo dude who works with Badlands Packs and hosts the Badlands film festival at the ATA. Listen in on what it takes to enter your film and what the completion looks like. 

Jan 19, 2017

Josh, Ty and Drew YoungeDyke from Michigan talk hunting, social media and how our posts and actions can affect the voting populous. The subject of the legislative process and how it works is as important now more than ever. And Drew shares his recent Michigan black bear hunting adventure where a misplaced hammock cost one hunter his boots. Don't skip this episode, its important you know how things work and how your actions on social media affect us all. 

Jan 16, 2017

Josh and Ty sit down with Matt Elliott from Benchmade knives of Portland Oregon and geek out on knives and what makes a good knife a good knife. Learn what makes the Benchmade hunting line of knives so special and why you should spend $100 plus on a hunting knife. Matt helps us break it down to the molecular level while keeping it in terms even Josh and Ty can understand. As always they keep the humor rolling even in with a topic as serious as a fine cutting instrument. The importance of a sharp knife and breaking down your bull elk, deer or anything else you put on the ground.

Jan 9, 2017

Join us for a super entertaining and educational visit with the one and only Tyler Crockett, retired pro bull rider, bow hunter, director of the North West Mountain Challenge, member of the Pure Elevation's Team and most likely one of the toughest men you'll ever meet. Tyler tells his story about lacerated kidneys, hemroids and Pure Elevations plans for 2017. Tyler is a great story teller and has more energy than the energizer bunny. 

Please share and leave us a rating on iTunes, Podbean and Stitcher, (preferably a 5 star ;) but if not we want to hear what we can do to make the podcast better! 

To learn more about the Northwest Mountain Challenge in Idaho, Oregon & Washington go to

Jan 6, 2017

2017 Smacked us right in the face, didn't see that coming!!! And so the struggle to plan out the next year begins. Josh and Ty talk about their plans to hunt Elk, Mule Deer and the possibility of hunting sheep on a poor man's budget. They tell the story of nearly drowning in a canoe on the Bitterroot river in Montana while hunting geese. Hope you enjoy this episode and if you did please subscribe, leave a review, find us on social media and share with all your friends and family. Happy New Year!!! 



Nov 30, 2016

The three have been on many hunting trips together, mentoring young Hunter into success. But no hunt goes perfect and most are seldom easy, unless you shoot a bull and it dies on a road, then it's easy!

Listen to Josh, Hunter & Ty tell stories of Hunter's upbringing in the deer and elk woods and how the relationship between a father and daughter can be better lived and fostered in the outdoors!

Nov 11, 2016

Killing elk is seldom text book and this year, though successful, was no exception. Ty tells the story of accidentally killing a one-horned 6point and Josh admits to a mental melt down or two before killing his bull on a solo trip. 

We also sit down with Jack Cholewa, Chicago native with a heart for conservation who ends up living in Montana in a TeePee and working for Backcountry Hunters & Anglers.

elk, montana, backcountry hunters & anglers, archery, bowhunting, conservation, 

Nov 7, 2016

A story about the pressure of a sheep hunt and passing up the opportunity to hunt with Steve Rinella, host of Meat Eater. Also some safety tips on gun rests and cell phones. Hear first hand where BHA stands on Bundy's acquittal and the importance of keeping public lands in public hands.


Sheep hunt, Montana, Shoot'n The Bull,  



Nov 4, 2016

Join Josh and Ty as they meet up with Sasquatch (Ben Guttormson) after a failed 12 mile opening day hunt proved devoid of elk but plentiful with moo cows and their male counterparts. Learn a little about the backcountry gear they use and what scent control really means..... And a swing and a miss!

Shoot'n The Bull Podcast, Elk Hunting, Sasquatch, Montana, Backcountry Gear, Bulls, 

Oct 10, 2016

Join us for our first ever episode of Shootn The Bull Podcast where we join the Born and Raised crew in an unfiltered, unedited story telling event with never before heard behind the scenes stories sure to entertain. A word of caution, don't let your kids listen. These are adult stories told after a few adult beverages. 

Elk hunting, born and raised outdoors, shootnthebullpodcast, hunting


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