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Shoot'n The Bull Podcast hosted by Josh Keller and Ty Stubblefield is a whole lot of bull shoot'n, fact finding and down right entertainment. We aim to please and please to aim and most of all strive to entertain! The two talk about elk hunting, deer hunting, waterfowl hunting and just about every other type and method of hunting taking place on the north american continent.
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Feb 24, 2017

Join us for a reunion with our dear friend Kristy Titus.  We catch up at the Western Hunt Expo in Salt Lake City.  Kristy is launching her signature series elk calls with Rocky Mountain Game Calls.  With Ty and Josh struggling to stay on the wagon Kristy sheds some light on nutrition and the new Wilderness Athlete Cookbook.  Give it a listen, give us a review, share the episode and most of all thank you for listening!

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Feb 16, 2017

Oh what a feeling, the light weight & smooth lines of a handcrafted trad bow that is! Join us for an entertaining conversation with Chester Floyed, owner of R E R Bows out of Bozeman Montana on how he got started and what drives his and our love for the exotic woods of the trade. We also converse with Ben Gutormson on his 2017 successes with one of Chester's hand crafted beauties. This is a lighthearted and educational episode where we consumed 4 bottles of whine...... Don't ask us why - we have no idea. Not even sure how it happened. We can say the bottle had a skull on it so that makes it a lot less (wiggling pinky)

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Feb 13, 2017

A timely discussion with Randy Newberg on HR 622 and why its a bad idea for our federal law enforcement and our public lands. We also get to know Randy, where he came from and how he got to where he is today. Hard work and determination seem to be a common denominator for success in any line of work and the hunting world is no exception. We love Randy because he's a NO-BS kinda guy, he just says it how it is and that's just our style! Please leave us a review, a like or two and shoot us an email at to tell us how we're doing and let us know what you'd like to hear in the future. You can follow Randy on his youtube channel at Randy Newberg Hunter and listen to his podcast Randy Newberg Unfiltered  Thanks for listening!!

Feb 6, 2017

We sat down with Kristy Titus and talked about our elk/whitetail hunting escapades in Montana. Humble, funny and determined sum up Kristy's personality and her ability to push on even when Josh and I are no help at all. Don't be misled by the pretty face and bubbly personality, this lady is a die hard hunter who can saddle up the pack string, call in a bull, kill it, break it down and pack it out all by herself. We delve into our late Montana elk and deer hunt and our brief lesson in whitetail tactics. Give it a listen, give us a review, share the episode and most of thanks for listening!

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