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Shoot'n The Bull Podcast hosted by Josh Keller and Ty Stubblefield is a whole lot of bull shoot'n, fact finding and down right entertaining. We aim to please and please to aim and most of all strive to entertain! We talk about elk, deer, waterfowl and just about every other type and method of hunting that takes place on the north american continent.
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May 15, 2018

Chris Parish is a wildlife biologist and the Director of Global Conservation for The Peregrine Fund.  Chris is a mountain of a man, ex college football player and a redneck.  You could say he's our people!  In this episode we learn a lot about Chris.  From college football to currently earning his phd.  He comes to the podcast with a wealth of knowledge regarding Falconry, The Peregrine Fund and lead ammunition.  Chris isn't a pushy guy, nor is he trying to promote an agenda.  He simply brings facts and scientific information to the table for others to digest and form their own opinions.  We talk about the Peregrine Falcon and how our lead ammunition is taking a toll on them.  The research is astounding.  It was definitely an eye opener for us.  It makes us think a little deeper into the organic meat we harvest for ourselves and our families.  We ask that you listen to this episode with an open mind and form your own conclusions as we have.  As educational as this episode is, it definitely fits the Shoot'n The Bull mold.  Enjoy the scientific facts and raw entertainment!  Cheers!  


If you'd like to contact Chris Parish regarding questions or further research you can reach him through The Peregrine Fund website via email. 

May 8, 2018

Jess Johnson and Landon Blanchard are a couple bad ass, boots to the ground conservationists!  They both currently work for the Wyoming Wildlife Federation.  Jess tells her inspirational story of how she obtained the Public Lands Coordinator position with Wyoming Wildlife Federation.  Jess is a very avid hunter and an accomplished archery hunter as well!  Landon is a former intern at First Lite and is now working in Outreach Communications for the Wyoming Wildlife Federation.  Coming from First Lite Landon shares his love and passion for outdoor recreation on our public lands!  Listen as Rex Wolferman and Josh talk conservation, public lands and elk hunting with Jess and Landon!       

May 1, 2018

At the 2018 BHA Rendezvous in Boise Idaho we met up with our First Lite crowd.  We leaped at the opportunity to grab a handful of beers and fire up the podcast equipment!  As Ty is busy working and putting on the event we figured what better co-host to fill in than Rex Wolferman!  In this episode Casey Hawkes of First Lite and Josh talked about their life changing injuries and the experiences they've endured throughout recovery.  Gregg Farrell, also a First Lite employee, talks about what its like working for First Lite and what the company is all about!  Listen and enjoy the entertainment as we sip a few brews and talk the good life!  Cheers!


First Lite Website

Apr 24, 2018

Listen as we BS about cans (silencers) long range guns, muzzle breaks, ice fishing in Montana and naked goat yoga. We get a high level gunsmithing education and what happens when you shoot a 338 ultra mag without a break. Our conversation with Paul Donaldson, co-owner of Snowy Mountain Rifles helps break down rifle basics. Hope you enjoy!

Apr 17, 2018

David Brinker is one busy guy.  He's the Marketing Leader for Sitka Gear and he's also a singer and a song writer.  Dave resides in Bozeman Montana and is a transplant from Oregon.  Since we're all from Oregon and cut or teeth hunting Roosevelt Elk and Blacktail Deer, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to talk about the hunting traditions we grew up on.  Dave is currently releasing his new country music album Made Out West on Friday April 20th 2018.  Listen in for how to get your hands on some of his music!  Dave's love for the outdoors and conservation is expressed through his music.  You can typically find him performing his music at conservation gatherings and celebrations!


Dave Brinker Itunes


Apr 17, 2018

An elite group of men faced treacherous conditions deep in the Alaskan Wilderness that most would consider a situation of survival.  The Seacat Creative crew was on a film project with Backcountry Hunters and Anglers.  They were on a multi day float trip through a wilderness in Alaska when they received an alarming call that one of the crew members was having a baby in an emergency situation.  They needed to get him out of the wilderness as soon as possible so he could witness the birth of his first child.  As planes couldn't land to pick them up, their only option was to float their way out through the worst of weather conditions.  Listen how the guys at Seacat Creative tell their story of how they made it out just in time!

Apr 3, 2018

Zach Sandau and Dylan Dowson both of OnX walk us through what the mapping company is doing for conservation, what the map app is good for and a little on how to use it. But most importantly we talk about elk hunting in Montana. Both natives of the Big Sky state, they never take for granted a juicy elk steak or a blue bomber. Down to earth good dudes, they are true representative of the conservation oriented company we call OnX. Join us as we get off topic a time or two but have a great time doing it at the OnX world headquarters in Missoula, Montana. 

And if you don't have the app yet you're missing out. Get it now and use the promo code "BHA" for 20% off and support Backcountry Hunters & Anglers. This is one tool we don't hunt without.

OnX Website!

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Mar 29, 2018

Tony Burlison at Darktimber Coffee Co. has been busy.  We podcasted Tony last year on episode #29 when he first launched his coffee company.  Since then he's come out with more coffee blends and done even more for conservation!  Listen as Tony talks about some new ideas and products for 2018.  The buck for conservation definitely isn't stopping or slowing down.  He's got even bigger plans to help and support conservation through himself and his coffee company.  We'll be engaging in some coffee giveaways through our social media so  tune in and don't miss out!  Giveaways will begin April 2018 and carry on for months after.  See social media links below for giveaways.  Cheers!       


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Mar 27, 2018

The anual Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Rendezvous 2018 is located in Boise Idaho this year from April 12th to 14th at Boise Centre.  Listen in as Land, Ty and Josh talk about what to expect at this years Rende.  Its forecasting to be one hell of a time!  Its not to late to register follow link below to register and purchase tickets!


Rende Tickets

Mar 20, 2018

At the 2018 Western Hunting Expo we sat down and caught up with our good friend Braxton McCoy.  The prior year at the Hunt Expo we interviewed  Braxton on episode 21.  On that episode we introduced Braxton and he told his amazing story of recovery and talked about a book he was writing.  Braxton has now published his book The Glass Factory.  You can purchase his book through his website  Braxton is a very active Backcountry Hunters and Anglers member and an avid conservationist.  So naturally we jumped at the opportunity to talk conservation and politics.  As much as some disregard, conservation is political.


Braxton McCoy Instagram

Backcountry Hunters Public Land Report  

Mar 13, 2018

An entire room of Montana transplants sit around a wood stove and hit record.  Chester Floyd of RER BowsCody Rich of The Rich Outdoors Hunting Podcast and Backcountry Fuel BoxRick Hutton, and Seth Morris.  We all sit down and tell the story of how we moved to Montana and why.  Each and everyone has an awesome story of success and chasing dreams!  

Mar 6, 2018

Sitting down with Adam Weatherby of Weatherby Firearms at the Western Hunting Expo we learned about 73 years of family craftsmanship.  Weatherby is currently moving their family business from California to Wyoming.  Adam explains why they're moving after 73 years but most importantly why the move is emotionally tough.  In 2016 Weatherby released the 6.5-300 Weatherby Mag caliber and we wanted to get the low down on that "hot rod" as Adam refers.  We shared some great hunting stories and we all shared our insight and support for conservation. 


Adam Weatherby Instagram

Feb 27, 2018

We sat down with one of our favorite people in the world, Ryan Callaghan with First Lite clothing. Some of our favorite gear.... Cal we like to call him is a great dude who's heart and soul as well as his job are geared 100% towards conservation and as you've heard us say many times, we whole heartedly support companies and people who support conservation and specifically Backcountry Hunters & Anglers!

  • We talk about the crazy out-of the box things Cal likes and how he prepares it.
  • What to do with the liver
  • What he's eating during season
  • Bone broth & demi glaze
  • Why he eats the weird things he does
  • Aging waterfowl
  • And most importantly public lands conservation and his new roll in it 

This episode is full of educational tips on cooking wild game and how you can get involved in conservation. And if you're not already following him here's the links to Cal's social media outlets.

Instagram - olcal406

Facebook - Ryan Michael Callaghan



Feb 20, 2018

Road Trip!  Rex Wolferman, Ty and Josh hop in a jeep and carpool to the Western Hunt Expo in Salt Lake City.  With a 7 hour drive ahead we couldn't resist firing up the podcast equipment!  This episode is nothing shy of raw entertainment.  We break down our 2017 elk season opening weekend that Rex and Dylan Dowson helped film.  Rex provides a great image of what its like hunting with Ty and Josh.  Listen in and join the fun as we make our way to the Expo!    

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Western Hunt Expo

Feb 16, 2018

We sat down for another great story from Tyler Crockett of Pure Elevations and the Northwest Mountain Challenge. This past elk season Tyler discovered he had a broken back but the prospect of hunting with Born and Raised Outdoors and Corey Jacobson and the Elk 101 Crew wouldn't keep him down. Listen as Tyler talks about how he managed to stave off back surgery to make it happen. 

Pure Elevations Productions

Jan 27, 2018

Incase you were wondering why we took a 6 month hiatus from publishing podcasts we break it down in this episode.  We cover everything from what we did, to what we're doing, and what we're going to do.  There are lots of open questions so we figured we would explain some.  We even go over what the hell happened to Josh and his condition.  For those curios of the outcome of our sheep hunt, or lack there of, tune in and we'll cover the entire hunt.  

Jan 13, 2018

True to Shoot'n The Bull fashion we push the boundaries with these three amazing ladies who are outstanding representatives for women in hunting. And to our surprise non of them left the podcast before it was done. Funny, provocative, serious and downright entertaining - this one is a must listen. Though this was recorded over the 2017, 4th of July weekend it is in no way dated. This conversation will go down in the records as one of the best. Stand by to be hilariously entertained! 

Kristy Titus - IG

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Julie McQueen - IG

Jan 2, 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We're back with a brand new intention! 

This episode is the first in a series about the spreading epidemic in deer called Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). Listen to local Montana expert Brent Race, veterinarian for the Rocky Mountain Laboratories, (RML) infectious disease study center out of Hamilton Montana. Also joining us is good friend Tyson Woods, micro biologists who also works for RML.

We go ask the obvious questions like how does it effect deer? Is it transmitted to humans? Can you tell if a deer has it in the field? How is it spread? and many many more.

Please join us as we start the new year off right by bringing you more of what you've asked for, entertaining and educational podcasts brought to you by Shoot'n The Bull Podcast.

Learn more about CWD in Montana by clicking here! 


Jun 29, 2017

In this episode we sit down with Zach Waterman from Nosler at the Beer Bands and Public Lands event in Bend Oregon and pick his brain in all things shooting related.  Zach has many years of experience working with Nosler building premium ammunition and firearms.  With all of our sheep hunt planning for this season we decide to ask Zach for help and advice in choosing the best rifle caliber for our hunt.  Zach shines some light on the building blocks and foundation of long range shooting.  With all of his knowledge we've got some great direction in choosing the optimum rifle for our hunt.  Give it a listen, give us a review, share the episode and most of all thank you for listening!  Keep it Public!        

Jun 16, 2017

At ATA we got the opportunity to sit down with Cabe and Josh Johnson of Spot Hogg Archery.  Brothers Cabe and Josh are great friends of ours and have been for many years!  These two very competitive siblings with an extremely twisted sense of humor give us an insiders story of their youth and all of its epic hillarouseness of two brothers who love & fight like brothers. There is no other way to describe this podcast other than hilarious and epically entertaining. Listen, laugh and just know that you are listening at your own discretion. This is of adult content and conducted at the end of a long event over a few whiskeys. Please enjoy this as much as we did!! Give it a listen, give us a review, share the episode and most of all thank you for listening!  Keep it Public!    

Jun 3, 2017

Do you enjoy quality coffee?  Well you can finally enjoy it on those brisk mornings in the backcountry!  Tony at Darktimber Coffee Co has come up with a system to brew fresh coffee in backpacking type stoves.  Listen as Tony breaks down the design and versatility of the Ascent Packs.  As we sit upon the mountain podcasting, Tony whipped up a couple Ascent Packs to show just how easy and effortless they are to prepare.  Nothing could top our gorgeous view and killer brew during this podcast!  Tony's drive to get involved with and give back to conservation inspired him to give back 10% of all individual sales to the Conservation organization of your choice.  Just simply choose one of the three organizations listed at checkout Backcountry Hunters and Anglers , Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership , and Wild Steelhead Coalition .  Ty and Tony also talk about the new BHA Hike to Hunt program and how you can start one in you region.     Give it a listen, give us a review, share the episode and most of all thank you for listening.  Keep It Public !

May 10, 2017

Listen in as Ty and Josh take time to break down their plans for the 2017 hunting season in Montana.  As they apply for their hunts reality sinks in when they put in for the unlimited sheep hunt.  With a guaranteed draw its time to prepare!  As always the next great elk hunting adventure is on its way with the successful drawing of a controlled elk permit.  And if things couldn't get any hotter they were also successful in their controlled deer permit.  Its shaping up to be a very busy season!  Summer is coming full steam ahead and Ty and Josh share some of their 3d shoot plans with the Total Archery Challenge and the Northwest Mountain Challenge.  With all of these crazy plans they manage to de-rail on the never ending buffalo/public lands issues.  Give it a listen, give us a review, share the episode and most of all thank you for listening.  Keep it Public!

May 2, 2017

Following one amazing jam packed weekend we sit down with Trent Fisher and Kody Kellom from Born and Raised Outdoors and Matt Elliot from Benchmade Knives.  The BHA Rendezvous 2017 went out with a bang and raised a pile of money to aid our fight for our public lands!  While we had time to reflect on our lively weekend at Rende2017 in Missoula Montana it was nice to catch up with these characters.  The guys at Born and Raised Outdoors have big plans for the season of 2017.  listen as they share some insight on their elk hunting film project on our public lands.  Matt also shares a glimpse of things to expect out of Benchmade this year.  There are lots of big things on the horizon for all of us.  We look forward to and hope we see you all next year at the BHA Rende2018 in Boise Idaho.  Give it a listen, give us a review, share the episode and most of all thank you for listening.  Keep it public!


Backcountry Hunters and Anglers

Born and Raised Outdoors on Youtube

Benchmade Knives


Apr 25, 2017

Damon Bungard, Co-Founder of Orion Coolers, product manager for Jackson Kayak and Host of Orion Chronicles on the Sportsmen's Channel. Don't let his grey beard, mellow persona and wool fedora fool you, Damon borders on the insane side of kayaking. A public land advocate through his show Orion and Jackson and his support of conservation groups like Backcountry Hunters & Anglers. We talk about the coolers the boats and our desire to do some Montana float trips and how Damon's experience could help us with a smooth hunt, maybe? Most likely we'll find a way to screw something up. Sit back and enjoy the show and if you get a chance reach out to Damon and tell him thanks for his efforts in conservation and putting out a sportsmen friendly product line. 

Damon's Social Media




Apr 20, 2017

Ryan Callaghan, best known for his mustache is also a veteran hunter who see's more success in the field than he does on the dating scene. Conservation & public relations director for First Lite, Ryan has been a conservation warrior for many years. Ryan shares his Montana elk hunt where he and his hunting partner packed some heavy loads of the glorious protein to top off an already full freezer. We also got to hear about a Montana deer hunt where they did not.

Cal, as we affectionately call him, also shares with us his B.C. Moose hunt from last year with Arron Snyder, if you listen closely you can hear the circus music playing in the background. A few stories Josh and Ty can relate to all to well. Hunts rarely go exactly as planned and in most cases they are far from comfortable. As they say in B.C. - its a Shmozzle and we love it!

If you're not already, follow Cal on Instagram @olcal406 or @firstlitehunting and be sure to thank him for his support for our public lands and waters conservation.

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